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Embrace Diversity, Ignite Growth



CSA-EUR Career Days 2024

CSA-EUR Career Days 2024

CSA-EUR Career Days 2024 is our annual flagship event created for a single purpose: bringing students, professionals, and companies closer together. It does not matter whether you are at the start of your career or already have experience, there is always room for improvement. There will be ways to learn, experience new things, and network for everyone. Seize the chance to connect with amazing companies and speakers.

Diversity and Inclusivity 

Embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity are paramount and the emphasis put on promoting such values has become a defining characteristic of our era. This year’s Congress Day is dedicated to exploring how these values are not just moral imperatives but also drivers of innovation, growth, and positive change. China in Focus relates to the focal point of the Congress Day. Speakers will tackle subjects such as challenges and successes in international business cooperation, sharing also their personal experiences. They will be shedding light on cultural nuances and unique dynamics, providing valuable insights. Connect, engage, and learn from experts in their fields. Let’s come together to embrace diversity and ignite growth.

The deadline to apply is Sunday the 28th of January 2024 23:59, with ticket prices being €7,- for members and €9 for non-general members respectively! To stay up to date, follow us on Instagram @cifrotterdam. When signed up successfully, all participants will receive their personal schedules on Thursday 8th of February! Make sure to keep an eye on your email. 

Highlighted Events

12 Feb

Congress Day

13 Feb

Stedin - Case Workshop

16 Feb

Accenture - Inhouse Day

Participating Speakers

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Cultural Broker and Digital China Expert

FIVE Degrees and creative studio StraightFire

Managing Partner

China Inroads

Experienced China Executive and Sinologist 

Netherlands China Business Council

Managing Director and Board Member

Ant Group


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Founding member of Tom Marshall

Tom Marshall