China in Focus Career Days 2021

This past year, the lives of many people have drastically changed following the COVID-19 pandemic. In our modern society, digitalization has long been on the rise, a trend that has accelerated as people and businesses adapt to the pandemic. More interestingly, Chinese firms were the first to adjust to this new reality we live in. How did they do it? Which changes did Chinese businesses have to implement, what opportunities have arisen, and what will the future of Chinese business look like? Come and find out at China in Focus Career Days 2021!

China in Focus Career Days is our annual flagship event created for a single purpose: bringing students, professionals, and companies who share an affinity for China and the Netherlands closer together. It does not matter whether you are at the start of your career or someone with more experience, there will be ways to learn, experience new things, and network for everyone. Seize the chance to connect with amazing companies and speakers. Furthermore, attend our interactive workshops which will be held fully online.

The deadline to apply is January 29th, with prices being €5 and €7.50 for general and non-members respectively! To stay up to date, follow us on Instagram @cifrotterdam.

Participating companies

Participating speakers