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CSA-EUR Career Days: China in Focus 2023

Technology and Innovation 

From smartphones to edge computing, technology and innovation have been the real protagonists of the past centuries. Amplified by globalisation and rising competitiveness, digital transformation has become imperative for companies in all industries. In order to remain competitive, incumbents are compelled to innovate and keep up with the latest technology trends. During CSA-EUR Career Days: China in Focus 2023, our corporate partners and CSA-EUR will focus on how technology and innovation have changed and will continuously change everyday life. Furthermore, this week also gives you the unique opportunity to connect with companies that are implementing technology and innovation into their corporate strategy.

CSA-EUR Career Days: China in Focus 2023

CSA-EUR Career Days: China in Focus 2023 is our annual flagship event created for a single purpose: bringing students, professionals, and companies who share an affinity for China and The Netherlands closer together. It does not matter whether you are at the start of your career or already have experience, there is always room for improvement. There will be ways to learn, experience new things, and network for everyone. Seize the chance to connect with amazing companies and speakers.

The deadline to apply is January 22nd 2023 23:59, with ticket prices being €6 for members and €9 for non-general members respectively! To stay up to date, follow us on Instagram @cifrotterdam.

Participating speakers

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Partner transfer pricing and Head of Dutch China Desk

Crowe Foederer

Business Developer Director

Alibaba Group

Founding member of Ochama


Director of Public Affairs



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Founding member of Tom Marshall

Tom Marshall